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Welcome to The Mill at Meadowlands, where we can process your fiber in days instead of months.

While we offer the attentive, personalized services of a cottage-style mill, our industrial-quality mill equipment can process 100 lbs. of wool in just 7 hours. We have 10 state-of-the-art machines built just for us, and we work to your specifications, so it’s almost like having your own mill processing your fiber.

Customized Fiber and Fleece Processing

With exceptional care and attention to detail, we turn your raw fiber into roving, yarn and thread that is the finest quality and consistency possible. Our prices are competitive with mills across the country … and we get your processed fiber to you in a timely fashion! We especially enjoy working with artists, hearing their ideas and helping them create what they imagine.


Mill Services

We Process: Angora Fiber, Sheep Wool All Breeds, Alpaca Fiber, Cotton, Camel Fiber, Goat – Angora, Other Exotic Fibers, Dog & Cat Hair

With good husbandry, our mill can process your fiber to your utmost satisfaction. We prefer that your fiber be shipped to us in one of our breathable web bags instead of a plastic bag. This will be sent to you at no extra cost after we have discussed your fiber processing needs. Please try to remove all organic matter and to use good skirting skills for a better yield when preparing your fiber to be shipped to us. Please email or call on the day your fiber is shipped to the mill. Once we have received your shipment, we will contact you with any questions or concerns we may have.

We are very excited about our mill equipment capabilities. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Fiber Tumbling
  • Dehairing
  • Blending
  • Washing/Scouring
  • Carding to Rovings or Batts
  • Spinning
  • Twisting/Plying
  • Winding to Skeins or Cones

Please note we do not do dying or coloring at the mill. Our services get your fiber ready for your colorant or dye.

Processing Fees

Please contact us prior to shipping your order to the mill. We prefer the fiber is shipped to us in one of our breathable web bags at no extra cost to you. When contacting us we will be able to answer any questions you may have concerning your processing needs. We also want to be certain to have all of your contact information available to us at hand so that we notify you when your order has been delivered to the mill.

Our Equipment


The Axi-Flo is our proprietary, state-of-the-art, automated machine that opens the fibers by tumbling to release debris. The axi-flo helps maintain the fiber’s natural strength, elasticity and staple length.


The picker removes sand, rocks, twigs, dust and other organic matter. This is a highly important step that will allow us to obtain the highest quality product from your raw fiber material.

Kiwi Scour

The KiwiScour is a 7-bowl, temperature-controlled, automated scouring system from New Zealand. It washes the fiber, removing dirt and lanolin.


Our carder from Italy removes organic matter while combing and aligning the fibers into roving.

Pin Drafter

The pin drafter evens, strengthens and aligns the roving.

Custom Spinners

Our mill has two MJD spinners that can switch from ply to twist in a matter of seconds. We can produce lace weight to bulky in worsted, synthetics and blends, up to an 8-ply product.



The axi-flo is the first machine we use when we process the fiber.
The picker is the 2nd machine we use to pick out organic matter and dehair the fiber.
Our carder combs the fiber and turns it into roving, which is spun into a barrel.
The kiwi scour is a 7-bowl temperature-controlled, automated scouring system to wash the fiber.
The pin drafter is the 5th machine used when processing fiber.
The spinners are used to turn the roving into yarn.


We ship to anywhere in the world.

Remember — good husbandry can make your fiber processing less expensive!